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Some actual spinning

Ok, so once I pulled out a wheel from the rubble known as my office-slash-studio? It already had a bobbin and a half of mystery wool on deck. So I finished that second bobbin and plied this hunk o’ gorgeousness. … Continue reading

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Tuesday is for spinning

Book is at the printer, finally, so today I reward myself with some spinning, a beautiful chocolate espresso brown romney that I bought at a Black Sheep Gathering some years ago. I had a m*th problem between then and now, … Continue reading

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Now what?

Norwegian Knitting Designs is off to the printer, and I am on to the next book. I have a couple of projects in mind, and I’m researching for some articles for Piecework. A knitter’s work is never done. So of … Continue reading

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Ok to Print

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While We Wait

I knit this short sleeved top last year? The year before?  It’s from a free baby sweater pattern on Ravelry, named Lucille. Love it. The yarn is Rowan Calmer.  Love this sweater so much I’m making another one with long … Continue reading

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Heather Update

The knitter’s daughter finds her craft.

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Thoughts on Japan

The newly resurrected is already on the robot list. I got this comment yesterday, in response to my thoughts about suffering and caring. And clearly it was a bot, because the commenter doesn’t get the gyst of my post. … Continue reading

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Proof that I Proof

This is how much I love my printer.  Vincent delivered this trimmed proof copy for me yesterday.  The cover is folded, with the spine in the right place, and everything.  The inner pages (that’s “guts” in the industry. For reals.) … Continue reading

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Pretty White Mitten

I had to rip back a half inch or so, because I got too excited over the side thumb gusset. All those Selbu mittens, with the thumb gusset set onto the palm. Beautiful, but I think side gussets are more … Continue reading

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To care or not to care

I bought this book when it first came out. I was just newly divorced, depressed, not really sure where I would go. If you’re not familiar with Kathleen Norris, you should pick up one or more of her books. She … Continue reading

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