Tuesday is for spinning

Book is at the printer, finally, so today I reward myself with some spinning, a beautiful chocolate espresso brown romney that I bought at a Black Sheep Gathering some years ago. I had a m*th problem between then and now, and had to disassemble my drum carder to clean out all the casings, and the drive band stretched. Drat. In hopes of shrinking it down, I had a Brilliant Idea of hitting it with my garment steamer. Sadly, all this did was melt the glue on the drive band, and it popped in two. Crap. Ok, no problem. I have some two part epoxy (black and white make grey), a paper cup, and a toothpick handy. Mix it up, glob it on, and hold the seam in place with fiber strapping tape for a few days.

So no romney for me today. I’m substituting a latte colored CVM (also from BSG, maybe even the same year) which I sampled once upon a time, as a 4 ply cable construction. It’s soft yet crisp, and will make a gorgeous light weight aran.

And then I get an email from school. No hot lunch today, can I bring some lunch for Heather. Sigh. Tuesday is for spinning?

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