OMG, Terri, what the Ache Eee Double Hockey Sticks have you been doing?!

That’s a loaded question. What HAVEN’T I been up to? If you want the snarky version, I got trapped in @MayorEmanuel’s time warp continuum thingie. If you want the non-snarky version, I’ve been thinking.

Yes. Thinking.

You can start breathing again, thanks so much.

The part of Being A Writer that I don’t like, is that people ask you, what are you working on these days? And you have to come up with an answer that’s just a hair more respectable than sitting in my chair with an iPad in my lap and wondering what I should do next. Eventually you have to tell them what you’re writing, because you’re a Writer, and Write is a VERB.

I don’t know how anyone else manages to come up with stuff, but I take a good long time Thinking, and when I have a cogent thought? I type it up. It’s very simple.

So, I’ve been sitting here in my chair with an iPad in my lap, wondering what to do next, and also, I have been publishing another book.

I think I forgot to mention that. Go to amd take a look. It’s up for presale, and I’m very proud of that. Vincent the Printer Guy (if you remember me, you must remember him) should bring me a proof tomorrow.

Then AFTER that book, which you should all buy because it’s a reprint of a FANTATIC vintage book that practically saved traditional knittingin Norway from the ragpile. AFTER that, I decided that what I should type up next is all of the thinking I’ve been doing.

My working title is The Knitting Way, and it will be a series of MEDITATIONS which will sound a whole lot more like meandering than anything formal, and the knitting that inspired them, or was inspired BY them.

Also, I think I might write a history of the yoked sweater.

You’ll notice the blog here is a shambles. I had a falling out with my hosting company when they refused to let me access my data anymore, because the emails to retrieve my hacked password were not coming to me. So I showed them. I moved. The DNS is still up in the air, as we speak, so in the next few days I’ll get things cleaned up here.

Follow me if you’re on Twitter. @terrishea. And I’m in Ravelry. terrishea. I’m fairly consistent in the use of my name.

Ok. So I’ve been thinking, oublishing, and knitting. And tweeting.

What have you been up to?

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3 Responses to OMG, Terri, what the Ache Eee Double Hockey Sticks have you been doing?!

  1. How good to see a post from you, Terri! And the book is at the printers — how great is that?

    I’ve been knitting. And editing. And lately, reading – reading really cuts into knitting time. I thank God for audiobooks.

  2. nestra says:

    Wow! The sweater looks great! So glad to be able to see the finished product.

  3. Hi Terri! Just thought you might like to know…. there’s already a book called “The Knitting Way” (available at Amazon). You can follow it on FaceBook –
    And I’m all for more books on ‘thinking’ about knitting! Hey, as one writer to another – Keep On!
    Happy stitches
    Janice MacDaniels

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