WIP to the rescue

I’m killing two birds with one stone. You know that scattered wealth of WIPS we all have? I’ve restarted an old half hap shawl, very simple, with a garter center, a feather and fan border, and saved the top edge stitches live on a string to work an all around lace edge. The yarn is Rowan felted tweed in Celadon. Simple, beautiful, comforting.

Winter came early this year, and though the pear trees performed poorly, and the rain came early, and the leaves are still scattered, I’ve got too much energy to curl up for my winter’s nap. The jangled nerves of years past have stretched; my muscles and sinews are tighted and strong. I need to do something. I’m not sure what, but sitting still and knitting isn’t it. Does that mean I need to, or need not to? I’m not sure. I need to DO something. Maybe I should start by raking up those leaves.


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