How to follow my own advice.

Knitters, I have a stash full of extraordinary yarn that I don’t use because I feel like it “deserves” an extraordinary project using difficult techniques.

I know this is foolish.

Please, knitters, remind me that it’s ok to use the good yarn, even for garter stitch, just because I want to.

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3 Responses to How to follow my own advice.

  1. Carolyn in MN says:

    It’s perfectly acceptable to use yarn for knitting. Good yarn for simple knitting, and even scrumptious yarn for basic knitting.

    Do you have any advice for what to do with a stash full of odds and ends, like 10-25g each of 3-7 colors?

  2. Anne W. says:

    It’s absolutely OK to use everday yarn for garter stitch, I think about the pleasure I have while making every one of them, since extraordinary yarn is often so nice to touch.

  3. perclexed says:

    Sometimes extraordinarily lovely things come out of garter stitch with great yarns. Dooooo eet!

    I mean, otherwise, what’s the point of having all that awesomeness and not using it? Everyday items in truly amazing yarns seems rather luxurious to me, frankly.

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