WordPress works

But now my car won’t start.

I’ll bribe the neighbor. He’s a car guy and can probably fix it. I think it’s the starter, which has been temperamental all summer. The battery is practically new. I was hoping to slide through fall and the holidays and into my tax return before having to deal with car repair, but the car seems to have other ideas.

On the plus side, I have Sunday and Monday off. And I can walk to work if it’s not fixed by Tuesday. And I have a granny cart for any grocery shopping that my roomie can’t drive me to. And the market is just a mile away.

Cross your fingers for me. Here is a picture of Caruso to keep you occupied.

Also, my ginger pear coffee cake (pears from my own trees) is delicious.

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1 Response to WordPress works

  1. Carolyn in MN says:

    Ginger pear coffee cake …. mmm!

    So glad to hear your car is back among the living. Keep that neighbor!

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