Is anybody out there?

It’s been rough these last few years.

I felt like if I had anything I wanted to say, I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to hear it.

Now I’m deciding if an audience is even necessary.

Here’s a current project, named #hashtag.


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14 Responses to Is anybody out there?

  1. Holly says:

    Happy to see you pop up again!
    So, you know, at least one person still has you in their feed list :-)

  2. And another person is still watching for you on your blog. That is a lovely current project. I hope it grows up to maturity!

  3. Arlette says:

    Hello again from another reader!

  4. Lisa Schofield says:

    I enjoy your blog :-)

  5. Ruth says:

    Stunning project. Don’t know if an audience is necessary, but you have one. :)

  6. moiraeknittoo says:

    I’m still here! If way behind in my blog feeds. The current project is gorgeous, and I’m sighing with envy at it because wow. It’s always good to see you post or tweet. :)

  7. Connie Razmus says:

    Welcome back! Sorry it’s been a rough couple of years, you’re among friends here.

  8. Teri Kennedy says:

    Hiya Terri,

    I clicked a link for your “Victorian Granny Square” image, but got an error message. Could you please repost that pic, or email me with it?\

    Teri Kennedy

  9. Bethany/yarnorgy says:

    Hello! Hope you are ok.

  10. Eunice says:

    Hi Terri,
    I’m knitting Roses and Pomegranates, and have some questions; how do I contact you?

  11. Martha Marie says:

    Hello Terri,
    Have your book, Selbuvotter, and now several others on mittens from, Sweden, Lithuania, Norway, etc. have come to love stranded knitting! You are great, and I am grateful that you have published your very valuable book!

  12. Jen Skanes says:

    Time to expand the formerly reducing circles? Life happens, and sometimes it is enough to know that others are in a similar boat to you. I cannot believe that I looked you up 8 years ago and fell in LOVE with your work. I am still knitting out of your mittens book.

    We are out here. Reading you loud and clear (if a little belated because life happens to all of us)!!


    PS: yes please, let me send you money for whatever pattern you are working on… or at least tell us what yarn! So beautiful!

  13. Anne Turner says:

    Always here and thinking of you!

  14. Risa says:

    enjoying your book so much, thank you!

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